My So Called Vegan Life (socalledvegan) wrote in losangelesvegan,
My So Called Vegan Life

Vegan looking for friends in LA.

I'm a brand new vegan...I've gone back and forth between vegetarian and eating fish and chicken, but after reading a lot of the health information on meat products, and what goes in to them, I'm ready to make the switch to veganism. *deep breath*
However, my only vegan friend lives in the OC, and who wants to go all the way behind the orange curtain just to hang out with another vegan? So. Here's a call out to all the vegans close-ish to the Highland Park area (I also spend a bit of time near West Hollywood). I'm fun. I'm witty. I have the cutest cat EVER. And I have a George Foreman Grill big enough for 12 (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I could probably grill an entire pineapple on that thing). Queer kids are a super duper plus.

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